House of Hope

Image11House of Hope is a ministry of Concerned Christians whereby we provide affordable housing for people in need.  We have had two major projects so far, a townhouse renovation in Manassas and a single-family home renovation in Madison Heights.  We had scores of volunteers involved in both of these projects.  They helped with demolition, rebuilding, cleaning, painting, landscaping, and in ways too numerous to mention.  Other organizations and businesses have partnered with us, as well.  We thank them all for their help!


The following slideshow will tell the story of our latest project.  We were able to get a two-bedroom house that had been gutted by fire and rebuild it inside and out.  It took us about five months to complete this project, mostly with volunteer labor.  The pictures show many of those volunteers and their efforts.  The last picture is of Mrs. Venita Moore-Jones who is the proud resident of this home now.  Obviously, all the hard work paid off!  Enjoy the show!