Our Mission

OUR MISSION – What Specifically Do We Do???

Today Concerned Christians exists to meet the needs of anyone seeking help, but in a holistic way.  To that end and according to our resources and capabilities, we:

1. Express God’s Love through practical and specific acts of ministry

  • Keeping in mind the total needs of the people we are helping.
  • We do not want to simply put a “band-aid” on a long-term problem or need.

2. Pool the Talents and Resources of Individual Christians

  • Dovetailing those who wish to help with those who need the help.
  • Matching the gifts of one person with the needs of another.

3. Act as a Clearing-house of agencies and other assistance available

  • Utilizing ministries who are willing to cooperate with us (such as SERVE, GRUNDY  MOUNTAIN MISSION  SCHOOL, and the PROMISE LAND RANCH).
  • Exploring other options in northern Virginia and linking the people in need to these agencies.

4. Provide an Encouragement and Accountability Plan tailor-made to each individual or family

  • So they might overcome and grow past their “root” problems.
  • A Concerned Christians volunteer is the key person (or point man) to work with them from start to finish to keep them moving forward.

5. Teach Life Skills

  • Helping the people manage all of their resources and relationships more effectively.